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Therapy focusing on helping the client problem solve situations, reduce stressful symptoms, and provide a treatment plan specifically designed for each individual. Specializing in anxiety, depression, stress, and self-esteem issues.



  Life Coaching Weekend Retreats and Workshops

Teaching life skills and providing tools to help gain a positive outlook of wellness by focusing on the physical, spiritual, and emotional well being of the individual.  Encouraging young girls and women to find their inner strength!


Online Video Session Therapy

Therapy provided online with a HIPPA compliant resource.  Helps the individual have therapy from the relaxation of their home, office, or hotel room.


Concierge Services

Concierge visits allow the therapist to visit you at your office, gym, hospital, rehab facility or other agreeable locations.

Travel options are available such as road trips.

*additional fees apply

Shayla's Approach

Shayla believes in the integration of evidenced-based therapy while incorporating a spiritual focus (if desired by the client).  She believes there is always hope in any situation when God is in the center of the problem solving.  She believes balance is achievable when the mind, body, and soul work together to create harmony, therefore, much of her approach incorporates working with the client emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  She has a relaxed but professional approach and believes the client should feel safe and comfortable, allowing the development of a therapeutic relationship. 

About Shayla

Shayla Rumsey is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the State of Texas.  She holds both a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She has several years of experience as a Registered Nurse.  She has experience working in a variety of settings including psychiatric nursing, critical care nursing, and private practice counseling.  She enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs, being outside, drinking coffee, reading, and visiting the beach and the mountains.   

Weird Fact: She has watched Wonder Woman more times than she can count.

Getting Help

If you or someone you know are in an emergency situation please go to  your nearest emergency room or call 911.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

"Leave a trail of Sparkle wherever you go."

 Christian Counseling

Wellness & Life Coaching

Shayla Rumsey, M.A., LPC, RN 


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